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ミレーの枕子(Milet no Makurako)- "新芽 (Shinme) " (CASSETTE)

ミレーの枕子(Milet no Makurako)- "新芽 (Shinme) " (CASSETTE)

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Dear 3LA Japanese rock club members.
This one may be better because it has a folk/acoustic feel to it since it is played not in band format. That being said, the question is, do we need to bother adding band playing to the narrative folk songs? Why would an SSW that starts out as a storyteller become a band in the course of its activities... So, maybe it is better to play along with a sense of being exposed. The band arrangement is, so to speak, a prelude to festivalization and popularization. It is said that the storytelling style will never become major. That is why it is good.

(Label info below)
Cassette version of the first album, a storytelling by Miret's pillow child, subscribed in 2021 by the After School Studio label. Liner notes by Makoto Tarui of After School Studio are included.

/ Millet's Pillowboy /.
2017- First posted a cover of Kaneko Ayano's play-by-play on YouTube. Since then, he has uploaded various cover songs. He started living alone, which inspired him to create his first original song, "Jyosei Yatami". 2021 - Released his first album, "Shinmei" on subs. His main activity is live-streaming on Instagram, which suddenly begins.

tracklist: 1.
1. kenobi 03:38
Curtain to Asa 02:35
3. language of flowers (Hanakotoba) 02:49
4. the movie (Eiga) 03:58
5. age (Toshigoro) 04:11
6. shinme 05:26
7. that heart (Sonokokoro) 03:28
8. lucky dayone 03:19

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