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明日の叙景(asunojokei) - "わたしと私だったもの(AWAKENING)" (2xLP)

明日の叙景(asunojokei) - "わたしと私だったもの(AWAKENING)" (2xLP)

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The first album of the domestic post-black band, Echoes of Tomorrow, is now available on 2LP through Dog Knights Reissue!

The first album of the Japanese Post-Black band, "Epic of Tomorrow", is now available on Dog Knights reissue as a 2LP release! I had expected the album to be in the same direction, since the songs on the Till Your Death compilation had a melancholic and catchy sound, but the actual album is the complete opposite, so to speak, with a hard, "metal" sound. In addition, the album includes two large songs that exceed 10 minutes in length.
The LP version also includes additional bonus tracks that were not included on the CD, and the artwork also looks great in LP size.

1. Spring Of Passion 06:50
2. Chain 04:58
3. Double Quotation Mark 04:46
4. Sleet 04:35
5. Bashfulness Of The Moon 11:31
6. Ugly Mask 05:02
7. Thin Ice 10:18
8. Chimera (New Song) 05:40
9. Spring Of Passion (2021 Remix) 06:49
10. Thin Ice (2021 Remix) 10:18

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