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AMBIVALENCE - "Driven by the Emotion" (cassette tape)

AMBIVALENCE - "Driven by the Emotion" (cassette tape)

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The first cassette from AMBIVALENCE, a cool band from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.
The first song "Lepidophylla" with its doom stoner bluesy guitar riffs makes you wonder if this band is that kind of band, but the second song "The pain never goes away" makes you believe that this band might be bad. The second song, "The pain never goes away," is a hardcore song, and I was convinced that this band might be dangerous. The vocals, which also have a hint of Japanese hardcore, and the melodic guitar riffs that remind me of neoclassical music of the past, and the fast, slippery stoner part, I died when the song started. There are three songs on the album, all of which have different personalities, and the band's full story is still unknown. The band's full identity is still unknown, but the songs are all very different from each other, and the band's dirty underground hardcore/metal sound can be felt in the air, but what they do is an amazing hybrid.

1. lepidophylla 09:46
2. the pain never goes away 05:00
3. slashing criticism feat KADR 03:17

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