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Boneflower -"A(r)mour"(LP: GALAXY SWIRL)

Boneflower -"A(r)mour"(LP: GALAXY SWIRL)

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Madrid, Spain-based Screamo/Post-Hardcore Boneflower's second album is set to be released in 2020. It's March this year, too, but there are too few passionate releases! However, each one of them will have an important impact on the future, so I'd like to follow them as much as possible. Boneflower is one of the few good bands operating in Spain, a backwater of the passionate scene. As usual, he's gone unnoticed in Japan, and State Faults has gone almost unnoticed. This is the first one for the current band of 2020, which has reached a point where it is good to enjoy it as a part of music that is no longer noticed in Japan. I like it even if no one else notices.

1. Saltpeter
2. Vestiges
3. Bromelia
4. Perennial
5. Polarity
6. Boötes
7. Starless
8. Phosphorous
9. Tangled
10. Whitney

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