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BURNING SIGN - "初期衝動に勝るものなし(Nothing beats the initial impulse)" (CD)

BURNING SIGN - "初期衝動に勝るものなし(Nothing beats the initial impulse)" (CD)

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Kyoto BURNING SIGN's 2023 album is now in stock!
As the release info says, it's a whirlpool of chaos, and 3LA's focus is on the chaotic and emovairens elements, but it's much deeper and heavier than that. The music is exquisitely salted, with a strong smell and a smoky atmosphere in both fast and slow parts. The jacket is in booklet format. The most killer thing about this album is the title "Nothing better than the initial impulse". 15 years have passed since the first album "Underdog Quintet" in 2008, so I think this title is pretty amazing. Too much is put into it.

01 - 欲するところ
02 - 未来の終わり
03 - daily Life
04 - 見えないもの
05 - 呪縛の柱
06 - 問答
07 - 満たされない
08 - 初期衝動に勝るものなし

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