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Chat Pile – "This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please" (CD)

Chat Pile – "This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please" (CD)

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We have in stock an edit of two of Chat Pile's early works, an LP and a CD version.
The split release with Portrayal Of Guilt will be released in 2021, but the darkness that digs deep between post-hardcore and industrial is already great from the beginning.
The sharp guitar riffs and cymbal ambience, the throwaway vocals, and the decadent mood of the band, but a consistent aesthetic sense has already been established from the beginning, and this can be seen in the lineup of the cover artwork for the latest album as well.
The album jackets are not black, as is often the case, and there is a sense of color in the artwork.
The band has a cult following in some quarters, and if you like The Jesus Lizard, you should listen to Chat Pile rather than SPOILMAN. This may be the one band that embodies modern noise rock.

A1 Face 3:27
A2 Rainbow Meat 2:30
A3 Rat Boy 2:46
A4 Crawlspace 4:07
B1 Dallas Beltway 4:28
B2 Mask 4:09
B3 Davis 3:17
B4 Garbage Man 3:40

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