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FISTULA + GREENMACHiNE - "Split" (12inch:Neon Purple)

FISTULA + GREENMACHiNE - "Split" (12inch:Neon Purple)

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A split 12inch by US sludge band FISTULA and Kanazawa's GREENMACHiNE, released in 2022 by Totem Cat Records in France with a cute cat on the logo, has arrived.

FISTULA is so heavy and slow that it may be the slowest sound I've heard so far this year.

Their stride is so wide and slow that your body is swayed more by the slurping guitar riffs than by the band's groove. The essence of the band's music lies in the diabolical ambience that floats in the space. If you imagine the vastness of the U.S., is there a space in Japan that is perfect for their sound? If there is, it is only in your head.

And then there is GREENMACHINE. I think that those who have listened to the record will understand that the current GREENMACHINE's rock, which I feel is even faster than the previous album, is a wonderful combination split in that it resonates with FISTULA in terms of sound, but is at the opposite extreme. In addition to "Enemie In The Mood" and the promised new chapter of "Red Eye," the last track "Valley Of Misfortune" is a real killer, including the riffs. It is quite killer, including the riffs.

Both tracks express weight and speed in terms of something physical, not numbers, and I think that's why they will be listened to for a long time.

 *LTD 200

1. Fistula - Ritual Possessor 06:10
2. Fistula - An Inevitable Downfall 10:10
3. Fistula - Scum Jail 05:41
4. Greenmachine - Enemie In The Mood 03:39
5. Greenmachine - Red Eye Pt.8 02:30
6. Greenmachine - Valley Of Misfortune 04:33

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