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Mass of the Fermenting Dregs - "Awakening:Sleeping (LP:Yellow/White Mix)

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs - "Awakening:Sleeping (LP:Yellow/White Mix)

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MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS 2022 vinyl record, analogized by Dog Knights and Clever Eagle.

They were the same age as me. And he was influenced by Hide/Zilch of ex.X-JAPAN and started to play music. It was a perfect generation. In the 00's, Japanese rock music was not well defined as Japanese rock, and I had no idea that J-ROCK would be categorized as a genre of "indie rock" in the world music scene and be heard in many countries. I never thought that J-ROCK would be categorized as an "indie rock" genre in the world music scene as it is. I wonder if this is another benefit of subscribing. I have listened to the past albums together for the first time, and I feel that the music is more song by song than album by album. I feel that the past work "No New World" has a more unified and balanced overall texture. However, I think this work is a sound that distances itself again from the past works. I like songs like "Dramatic" (or "New Order" in the previous album), but there are too many ups and downs in the other songs, even the heavier ones, and I don't feel like I can listen to them all in the same mood.

250 Yellow/White Mix

2.いらない feat.蛯名啓太(Discharming man)
5.Helluva feat.Taigen Kawabe(BO NINGEN)
7.After the rain

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