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Reversal Of Man - "This Is Medicine" (CD)

Reversal Of Man - "This Is Medicine" (CD)

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A 16-song CD by a very important band that has influenced emo-violence around the world, along with Orchid, with an elaborate booklet. The songs are just so fast! The playback is over in a blink of an eye. The distorted guitars and the screaming roars throughout the songs, but the melodies keep ringing and the rhythms are quite detailed, so it's not like the band is all about momentum. The attitude of playing with the idea of a single song produces a very great quality.

1. January Twenty Second
2. Enoch Ardon
3. Fashion Cowboys
4. The Houngen
5. Butterflies
6. Mittens And Muzzles
7. Bless The Printing Press
8. The Lottery
9. Dying On Cue
10. Conjecture
11. Hills Have Eyes
12. Transfer Zounds
13. Hand Me Complaints Please
14. Rubberneck Telepathy
15. Idle Adolescents
16. Twenty Seconds Example Of Repetitive Nature

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