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ribbon fix - "campfire dares the sun" (CD)

ribbon fix - "campfire dares the sun" (CD)

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This is a 1998 album by Andi Camp, a little-known band from the 90's US emo scene.

Andi Camp's band was formed after she moved to San Francisco, and although their activity period was short (from 1996 to 1998), they left 4 albums and even released an LP. The twin vocals of the man and woman are also good, and the primitive sound has the atmosphere of early US emo.

Although the band does not have the sell-through feel of more popular bands, the simplicity of their music shines through.

Andi Camp plays bass, piano, and vocals.

1. Wolfe Parkinson White  
2. Season's First Rain  
3. Sunset In Reverse  
4. The Shrinking Room  
5. Laramie Street  
6. One Last Cigarette  
7. Three Cent Stamp To Donner Pass  
8. Pssst...  
9. Nine Lives  
10. East And Down A Ways 

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