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ribbon fix - "some saturday this has been" (CD)

ribbon fix - "some saturday this has been" (CD)

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Please note that even if it is a brand-new item, the jacket may be slightly damaged due to age.

This is a 1997 release from Andi Camp, a band that has hardly existed in the history of the 90's US emo scene.
As the name of the band suggests, all of their recordings are handmade jackets tied with ribbons. Only this work was uploaded on youtube unusually, so I will share it with you.

Unlike Andi Camp's piano and quiet image, it features a band sound. The twin vocals of the man and woman are also good, but the primitive sound has the air of early US emo firmly engraved in it. Although the band doesn't have the selling point of a popular band by any means, the simplicity of the songs shines through.

1. Some Saturday  
2. South Lake Detour  
3. Gunner  
4. Liquorbed  
5. Sink Her  
6. July  
7. Lifestory  
8. 6:47 a.m.  
9. Gnats  
10. Lessening 

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