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temper and hold - "too soon to tell" (CD)

temper and hold - "too soon to tell" (CD)

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Andi Camp related sound source that has little history in the 90's US emo scene, a band she formed in 2013 and still seems to be active. This work is from 2014.

It is recorded in a more primitive sound than the Count Your Lucky Star related emo, but it is much more sophisticated than the other Andi Camp 90's releases. The rustic melodies remain the same, but the range of expression is much broader.

This is where she has arrived after spinning simple and beautiful emo for so long without being found by anyone. The part that has remained the same and the part that has been completed. There is a miraculous sound that only those who have continued to do so can possess.

1. About Then 4:01 
2. The Last Together 4:30 
3. The Sky Alight/in Ruins 3:29 
4. You Don't Know Me 3:27 
5. Treasure 3:52 
6. Furious 3:25 
7. Giants 3:40 
8. Future Perfect 4:47 

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