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I Love Your Lifestyle - "No Driver" (LP: Swirl)

I Love Your Lifestyle - "No Driver" (LP: Swirl)

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There's a certain will in Sweden's I Love Your Lifestyle, which has thrown in a super de-energized jacket and a singalong EMO punk, despite the despair of 2020... This piece is so good that I'm tempted to write something thought-provoking like "I Love Your Lifestyle"... but that's not really thought-provoking. But it is not really suggestive. Because I feel that way. Yes, no review, no "Best Article of 2020" means anything. It's all a person's fantasy.

Even the way the first song starts out as "Stupid", this is so ironic, even if it's made to look like pop EMO punk. And the last song is "Making Nothing Out Of Something," and if you doubt 3LA, just throw its lyrics into the DeepL translation. It's an EMO with a much sharper view of the real world than anything before its predecessor, so this is clearly a 2020 piece, an EMO outside the word on the same level as Touche Amore, and I'm sure it won't be a super hit, but it's "2020's BEST"! The EMO freaks who are talking about "articles" won't notice how good this is. They don't need to notice it. Because they are all Stupid.

1. Stupid 05:04
2. Car 05:00
3. No Harm, No Foul 02:50
4. Shilly-Shally 04:27
5. Align! 04:59
6. I Have No Point To Make 03:09
7. Fram Och Tillbaka 03:49
8. Well, That´s Not Ideal 00:46
9. OK 02:01
10. Inner Freakness 04:15
11. Making Nothing Out Of Something 04:21

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