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Orchid - "Totality" (CD)

Orchid - "Totality" (CD)

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Orchid's first album "Choas Is Me" (1999) and their second album "Gatefold" (2001) have been influential in the emo-violence and violent music scene, but the band's prolific output has left a large amount of material outside of their albums. It should be noted that these works are full of interesting elements for fans of the band, such as experimentation and the process of evolving to a new sound.

This discography contains 24 tracks in total, including 7", splits, and previously unreleased takes, and while I would naturally recommend the classic Gatefold album as the first source for listening to this band, I would recommend returning to it after listening to the full album. It is filled with a different charm that the band has not shown elsewhere.

1. New Ideas In Mathematics
2. Beautification Committee
3. Ding Dong Dead
4. Mono Vs. Stereo
5. Lucky 13
6. Intelligable Audio
7. She Has A Cold, Cold Heart
8. Eye Gouger
9. Panopticism
10. Mean S.O.B.
11. 36 Day Syndrome
12. O.S.K.
13. Stagnant
14. Hit The Ground
15. Consumed
16. A Written Apology
17. Pledge
18. The Easy One
19. Angel
20. Notes From A Smooth Talker
21. T-120
22. Halving The Bones
23. September 18th, 1993
24. Weekend At The Fire Academy

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