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Radura - "Effetto Della Veduta d'Insieme" (LP)

Radura - "Effetto Della Veduta d'Insieme" (LP)

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I feel like there are a lot of good bands coming out of Italy these days, and Radura is an Emo/Screamo band from Milan, Italy, and this album is a co-release involving various labels.

Their sound is characterized by the current sound of the 2020s, just like the current Screamo bands that have appeared in recent years, and the Italian Screamo bands of the past... Their sound, like that of the current Screamo bands that have appeared in recent years, is characterized by a sound made in the 2020s with a modern sensibility. The album opens with a beautiful sound played on acoustic guitars, and the poetry in their native language is also beautiful. Perhaps they are using the same methodology as lang, combining local folk and Screamo. In other words, it could be said that the sound has no US-style blues at all, but if you like that kind of thing, I can highly recommend this album.

1. La Luce che Copre gli Angoli 02:30
2. Se Questa È la Nostra Festa 04:53
3. Monumento 03:38
4. Rintocchi 01:58
5. Parigi 01:22
6. Tutto il Tempo che Ho Passato a Non Vedere (w/ ØJNE, chivàla) 08:54
7. Riflessi 04:17
8. Araucaria 03:36
9. Costellazione||Pareidolia 05:24

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