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Habak + Fractal - "split" (12inch)

Habak + Fractal - "split" (12inch)

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A split by two Mexican bands, Habak and Fractal, 2022, is now available on CD and 12inch.
Habak's split works after the album are also pretty cool, and the three songs on this album are also very good.
What is being expressed is meant to be despairing, but there is a light expression as sound, and that little light is necessary for what it doesn't have.
Fractal is instrumental post-rock, but it is almost post-metal.
Even though the backgrounds of both bands are different when compared to the crust-based Habak, there are many similarities between them when you listen to them, and I think that is the underlying theme of this split.

1. Habak - Cataclismos 05:21
2. Habak - Nuestra condena es el colapso 05:45
3. Habak - La insignificancia de la vida cotidiana 05:27
4. Fractal - Fractal - Vacío 15:23

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