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SATON - "A la espera del Momento" (CD)

SATON - "A la espera del Momento" (CD)

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2024 album CD edition by Mexican Screamo, Saton. This is a very cool chaotic hardcore and highly recommended!
The album is packed with 13 tracks of intense riffs, performances, and passion that will make not only Screamo/Skramz fans but also 90's chaotic lovers smile.
The previous album "ni'in" was also quite cool, and 3LA did a bilingual translation and an interview, but this one is more chaotic than the previous one, and the balance is exquisite.
The band themselves have openly mentioned Converge as an influence, but I think it's soooo right to bring to the forefront the tension and dirtiness that only a band can bring out, rather than aiming for a sophisticated sound in the 2020s.

1. La llama 00:34
2. Noni 02:00
3. Entre mi suerte y tu negligencia 03:04
4. La urbe 01:43
5. YNQHDD 04:45
6. El incendio 01:30
7. Mandíbula de cristal 02:32
8. El noveno aire 03:15
9. A la espera del momento 02:31
10. Mientes - ft Yohei Sans Visage 04:31
11. Las cenizas 01:40
12. Círculos 01:09
13. Un pacto 04:07

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