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Viva Belgrado - "Cancionero de los Cielos" (CD)

Viva Belgrado - "Cancionero de los Cielos" (CD)

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The CD is a joint release with Tokyo Jupiter and an independent label.
The hardcore intensity of the first and second albums has almost disappeared, but the sense of emotion (emo) contained in them lives on in a more abstract form. In other words, if you listen to this album expecting raw hardcore, you will not be able to keep up with it, but it is a matter of whether you can enjoy "what's next" that those who have gone beyond hardcore and EMO are pioneering, and that is what lies beyond this sky.... Is the "sky" expressed in the artwork just a pictorial theory, or is it something that can be confirmed by stepping out beyond the stacked containers? Viva Belgrado has become the only band in Spain that expresses the beyond of passion, and their latest work is a problematic work in which emo intersects with electronica, shoegaze, and Japanese rock guitar rock.
It's a different world from that of US Gekijou and Skramz. It was a complete problem work.

1. Vernissage 03:43
2. Chéjov y las Gaviotas 02:30
3. Nana de la Luna Pena 03:42
4. Ranchera de la Mina 02:05
5. El Cristo de los Faroles 03:52
6. Gemini 02:24
7. Elena Observando la Osa Mayor 03:38
8. Un Tragaluz II 01:16
9. Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite 03:55
10. Saturno Devorando a Su Hijo 03:25
11. Perfect Blue 04:00
12. Un Tragaluz 03:19