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ぺんぎんの憂鬱(Penguin no Yuuutsu) - "曖昧夢(Aimaimu)" (CD)

ぺんぎんの憂鬱(Penguin no Yuuutsu) - "曖昧夢(Aimaimu)" (CD)

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Manic Depression Alternative, Penguins' Melancholy

Be sure to check out the 3LA Japanese rock club.
Manic Depression Alternative (is there such a genre?), as the name implies, is Japanese rock that is the soundtrack to contemporary social issues as technology accelerates changes in human lifestyle.
Psychotropic drugs were behind the proliferation of EMOs in the 90s-00s, but the drugs of the 2010s and beyond are social networking sites, and it will be 100 years before we truly realize the important things they accelerate and shake off in their velocity.
They are all dead.
The name of the band seems to have been borrowed from the Ukrainian writer Andrei Kulkov's masterpiece "Pengin no melancholy," but the release information also contains a self-deprecating word, and although in the context of so-called J-POP, there is certainly an unlikely darkness, and the up-tempo music is also "manic. Since the up-tempo songs are defined as "manic," one can't help but wonder if all J-Pop was manic.
I think people who like depressing Hitsujibungaku, downt, etc. can also enjoy it.
Music is an important part of healing, and it seems to consist of two parts, "Aimaimu" and "Tokudaimu. I like "2086".


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