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ミレーの枕子バンド(Milet no Makurako Band)- "FIRST AID" (CASSETTE)

ミレーの枕子バンド(Milet no Makurako Band)- "FIRST AID" (CASSETTE)

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Dear 3LA Japanese rock club members.
While "Shinmei" is an acoustic/folk piece with a storyteller, this one is in the form of "Millet's Pillow Band," with a total of four songs by a band. The poems and songs are light, and the performance is somewhat similar to that of the original, but there is nothing new here. The band's original activity started with a cover of Kaneko Ayano's "The Curse of the Curse," and the band's ensemble has been unable to escape the influence of that original work. I guess there was a way to break it down with a band ensemble, but I don't feel that it would have produced the hook of a band, and personally, I prefer the style of storytelling that I have to confront with my own expression alone. However, since the original Kaneko Ayano is moving toward darker and darker expression, there may be a possibility that it will break through this lightness and brightness and become a big hit as a different vector.

(Label info below)
A new band based in Nagoya, but with only YouTube, Subsc, Instalive, etc., this band is led by the enigmatic and veiled SSW "Millet's Pillow Boy". Debut work of note!
4 songs in total, including 1 cassette-only bonus track.

/ Millet's Pillow Boy /
2017- First posted a cover of Kaneko Ayano's playing on YouTube. Since then, he has uploaded various cover songs. He began living alone, which inspired him to create his first original song, "Jyosei Yatami". 2021 - Released his first album, "Shinmei" on subs. His main activity is live-streaming on Instagram, which suddenly begins.

/ Millet's Pillow Band /
2021 - The four members come together. The members came together by chance, but they all take the stance of arranging music together, and their ideas are equally divided into four equal parts. The concept of the band is "do it when you want to do it".

tracklist: 1.
melancholy summer 03:04
2. flower language 02:48
3. sprout 05:07
4. children of green ~field rec~ 04:28

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