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帯化(Taika) - "Hamacho Zouenkeikaku" (CD + vials, etc.)

帯化(Taika) - "Hamacho Zouenkeikaku" (CD + vials, etc.)

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This is the first release in 2024 from the Tokyo-based band Taika, which has been building its own thought system by mixing folk, tribal, ambient, and the overused term "indie rock" music. This album was produced as part of the "Nihonbashi Hamacho Lifestyle Project" sponsored by Musashino Art University, and may prove to be the possibility of various collaborations with the margins of expression they have been feeling for some time. Musically, the style of the album has an increased ambient feel, a change from the intensity of the latest album.
Originally, the area around Nihonbashi Hamacho, in the center of Tokyo, had been a sprawling area of samurai residences until the Edo period (1603-1867), and the location of the coastline where the river emptied into the sea was also very different. Even today, traces of the former coastline, rivers, and moats remain in the place names and town construction, and the lives of the people living in this country are indeed connected by a land line. Taika is also a band that has been expressing the mysterious locality in combination with music, such as releasing stones from the Tama River, and this collaboration seems to be quite compatible. Music is local to each of us. Ahhh~~ Like the Flow of a River is released on 〜〜〜〜3/27〜〜〜〜.

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Tokyo-based two-piece rock band Taika, which blends disparate elements of Japanese folk music and band, releases its new EP "Hamacho Zouenkeikaku.”

This album, produced as part of the Nihonbashi-Hamacho Lifestyle Project organized by Musashino Art University, documents the city of Nihonbashi-Hamacho, where two axes, globalization and locality, residents and tourists, collide and coexist.And, using the Hamacho River, a man-made river that once flowed through Hamacho, as a starting point, Hamacho's past, present, and future will be connected and reconstructed.

In 'For the Uniqueness of Hamacho,' the somewhat cold voice of the narrator is intertwined with percussion and acoustic guitar improvisations that evoke the bustling noise of tourist traffic.
In 'Remaining River,' environmental sounds recorded in Hamacho, crusty guitars, and melodically resonant percussion accompany a voice that traces the history of the Hamacho River.

In addition to the 8cm CD containing this sound source, the purchase of the physical item includes a vial sealed with soil, nuts, and flowers collected in Hamacho and with a DL code attached to the surface, as well as a brief description of the project and a lyric card.

1. 浜町の固有性のために / For The Uniqueness of Hamacho 05:08
2. 遺る川 / Remaining River 06:38

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