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alvin - "継続(Keizoku)" (CD)

alvin - "継続(Keizoku)" (CD)

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First album by Sendai emo/post-hardcore alvin, released in 2023, in Tohoku, Japan.
Whether by coincidence or necessity, June Of 44 came to Japan in 2023, and the act of listening to this album by alvin after that seems to me to be something important. I myself have not listened to June Of 44 much, but their shocking live show, which showed that they were connected to emo, post-hardcore, mash rock, dub, and various other areas, made me understand a little more about the meaning of June Of 44's existence. And alvin's sound also has a little bit of the June Of 44 flavor, or in other words, the songs were created with "connection" in mind. The opening track, "Turning Around," is a slow-core affair, but the album's 11 tracks and 50-plus minutes are diverse in terms of what you hear throughout the album.
Basically, the sound is made with raw recordings and simple band compositions that give a sense of withering emotion and melancholy after running through the young years of life, but even so, the attempt to connect with others and society seems to be expressed in the reflection of various musicalities. I feel that this is expressed in the reflection of various musical styles. The music has a locality that can only be found in this country or region, like "There Is~" or "Z" in Japan, but the human activity of communicating and receiving is life, which cannot be given up. Emo, post-hardcore, slowcore, hammer beat, Japanese rock. Buy it, and listen to it. It's a great piece of work and it's current.

1. 好転 
2. 疑惑 
3. 困難 
4. マイライフ 
5. 消耗 
6. 壊れた 
7. 中年 
8. 継続 
9. 惰性 
10. 交流 
11. to the end

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