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Anna hisbbuR - "I" (CASSETTE)

Anna hisbbuR - "I" (CASSETTE)

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Hong Kong singer-songwriter Anna hisbbuR's 2024 album is now available in cassette version.

The introspective worldview of this album is reminiscent of the dark post-rock of the 90s, but the realistic narrative based on her subjective story sung in the present day also encompasses a sense of disconnection with society.

The total expression of the music scene in Hong Kong, including not only the sound but also the visuals, which she herself directed and edited, is also something like the strength of the Hong Kong music scene (in terms of its acceptance of instant expression, contrary to the trend of everyone focusing on instant expression).

The cassette apparently contains instrumental versions of all the songs.

A1 Apart, so
A2 I can't be you
A3 Fallen Angel
A4 I think I'm sick

B1 Apart, so (instrumental)
B2 I can't be you (instrumental)
B3 Fallen Angel (instrumental)
B4 I think I'm sick (instrumental)

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