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Blind Girls - "Residue" (LP)

Blind Girls - "Residue" (LP)

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The first album by Australian Screamo, Blind Girls, who have made two trips to Japan thanks to the efforts of sans visage members.
This is one of the Best Screamo/Skramz albums of 2018, and although a female vocalist joined the band before I knew it, her voice has become sharper and tighter, and I think it's a great album as a result. When I saw them live, I liked the way they sang backwards, and the way the drums were pounding away at them, I felt like they were a great band.

1.Breaths 01:04
2.3am 01:02
3.Loss Forms a Sequence 02:46
4.Exertion 01:37
5.Visitant 01:18
6.The Ghost in My Eye 02:29
7.Dormant 01:38
8.Cherish 01:56
9.Discarded Pictures 02:03
10.Nightshade 02:33
11.Burial 02:51

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