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boneflower + lang - "Dolor(遠来)" (split 12inch)

boneflower + lang - "Dolor(遠来)" (split 12inch)

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The 2021 split album by boneflower from Spain and lang from Japan is now in stock.

From the beginning of “El Hospital,” in which boneflower, who had an intense Emo/Screamo style on the album, suddenly starts singing in a not-so-cool way, expectations are high that this split is going to be something special.

Certainly, boneflower has some intense elements, but their other songs are becoming shoegaze-rock, more like Deafheaven or Viva Belgrado....

On the other hand, lang seems to have been recorded after the new formation. Under The Bridge” ends in an instant, and I can only think of it as an expression of the song's shortness as well. New songs “Forget Me Not” and “One” are included.

The composition of this album is a combination of “boneflower,” which has gone far away, and “lang,” which has regained its footing. Both songs are connected by a common motif and phrase.

1. Boneflower - El Hospital 03:42
2. Boneflower - El Escondite 05:56
3. Boneflower - El Arco 02:51
4. Lang - Under The Bridge 01:50
5. Lang - Forget Me Not 04:10
6. Lang - One 04:25

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