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CARA NEIR - "Phantasmal"(LP)

CARA NEIR - "Phantasmal"(LP)

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Neocrust, astonishing 8-bit hardcore that has evolved so much that no one can keep up with it

Dallas, US Texas' CARA NEIR, 2022's full-length album was astonishing 8-bit hardcore.

The album was supposed to be a neoclast/black metal approach when 3LA arrived in the mid-2010s, but it seems to have lost its way in the evolutionary process, merging with 8-bit core/chiptune and transforming into a cybergrind/cybercrust sound.

The cover artwork and art photos are now dot-pictures, but where are they headed? They are headed to a void in the scene where there is no demand for their music. In all seriousness, the music scene is also becoming a place where the shadows of the 2020's are being expressed with the full affirmation of being shadows, and it is not unrelated to the networks connected by the Internet. Viruses proliferate beyond the reach of Google searches.

1. Menu (Intro) 01:35
2. Melted Candle 04:36
3. The Threshold 01:05
4. Dispensable and Primed 01:03
5. His First Daemon 00:39
6. You Can Stare Forever and Still Find Nothing 00:48
7. Remember the Bottom Feeders? 02:26
8. Succipio (Interlude) 01:25
9. Unkindness 04:39
10. Make It Think We Trust It 00:55
11. The Humiston-Scoular 02:33
12. Knelt at the Steppe 00:39
13. The Damp Moonlight 00:49
14. No Escape From 02:19
15. Graven Rocks 01:06
16. Throttled Into Decay 05:44

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