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computer fight - "suburban blues" (CD)

computer fight - "suburban blues" (CD)

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The first album by Tokyo's current punk band, computer fight, is very cool.
The band is made up of only drums, bass, and guitar. The band consists of drums, bass, and guitars, and the 15 songs have a simple structure that eliminates unnecessary things, but the songs are not simple. The distortion is subdued, the guitars are jerky & riffs are tight, and the band follows the existing format but feels distant from society, truly an outpost from the mainstream. I am not sure what post-punk is, though it might be appropriate to call it post-punk. As you can sense from the cover photo, it is dust cast away from society. But this is definitely punk.

tracklist: 1.
1. pc 00:33
2. waltz 01:30
3. eyes 01:26
4. vending machine 01:36
5. dry 02:27
6. jikka punk 03:54
7. sou 01:18
8. puke 01:20
9. helen keller 00:33
10. ptsd 01:13
11. teinenrena no kimochi 00:24
12. teinenfunk 02:19
13. past man 02:04
14. auto 02:03
15. person 02:57

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