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CUTHBARTS + WE ARE ON FIRE - "Post Marked Stamps #2"(split CD)

CUTHBARTS + WE ARE ON FIRE - "Post Marked Stamps #2"(split CD)

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Soul Ameria Records presents the second installment of its post marked stamps series, a split CD by We Are On Fire from Bremen, Germany and Cuthbarts from Sapporo, Japan.

We Are On Fire is a two-piece band with a pastoral EMO sound, with interesting guitar riffs and sounds, and a choral feel. The song is drawn to us because it makes use of the strength of the sound, pauses, and blank spaces. The EMO is there in its attempt to make you listen closely.

Cuthbarts also has something in common with We Are On Fire, though the band's composition and approach are totally different. I think.

And the listeners who still search for the true EMO may also be an endangered species. Fight against the "emo" of the world.

1. We Are On Fire / zombies
2. Cuthbarts / memorries
3. We Are On Fire / dodo
4. Cuthbarts / at the shore
5. We Are On Fire / suddenly

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