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Daitro - "Y" (LP)

Daitro - "Y" (LP)

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It is a A masterpiece of 2000s intensity, their expression is beautiful and fragile, believing in the individual until the end!

Daitro's 2009 album "Y", one of the most representative of the 2000s among French Screamo, will be reissued in 2020! It seems that the trend of reevaluation of the 2000s is not going to stop. However, when I think about the treatment of the bands of that time, it seems that the axis of evaluation has finally been settled. Rather, I feel that what resonated at the root of Daitro's expression, Funeral Diner's expression, and killie's expression has regained its value through the poly-college era of the 2010s. Black or white, right or wrong, will there ever be a world where we can understand each other?
It depends on the actions of each and every one of us, the accumulation of each and every day. It is up to each of us to take that first step. I believe that their evolution was inevitable in the process of putting into sound the ideas and arguments that underlie their expression. In order to convey a message that is obvious, they take the long way around and shake their passion. Their expression is beautiful and fragile, believing in the individual to the end.
Is "Y" a fork in the road or a confluence of rivers coming down from upstream? At the end of the age of polycholism, humanity has reached the age of how we can forgive others. Beyond that, there is society.

1. Y - 1a 00:33
2. Y - 1b 03:40
3. Y - 2 04:52
4. Y - 3 03:19
5. Y - 4 02:18
6. Y - 5 02:17
7. Y - 6 05:08
8. Y - 7 05:53
9. Y - 8 03:45
10. Y - 9 03:43

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