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The split with SWARRRM was good, so the next split must be good too. So, we can't give you a full listen yet, but we do have the 2023 split in stock! One thing I can say is that KANDARIVAS is still very good in terms of sound now.

Split CD between Philadelphia, USA grind power violence DURIAN and Japanese tribal grindcore KANDARIVAS!
DURIAN debuted on Brain Hemorrhage Records in 2016 with a 7-track cassette tape including a cover of CAPITALIST CASUALITIES, has released splits with MATKA TERESA, METH LEPPARD, GOD'S AMERICA In 2021, they released a full-length album with 19 tracks on Czech label Psychocontrol Records, including 5 super-fast and furious blast songs that don't exceed 2 minutes.

KANDARIVAS is the second release after the split with SWARRRM after Kneeya joined the band as a vocalist. Included is a well-known live number, a song about the fruit durian, "Eat, Sleep, Grind... Durian! Recorded at Studio ChaosK, the same studio that produces many grindcore bands! The five tracks are even more powerful and aggressive than the previous recordings, with better separation between taiko and blast beats.

The split album was released in 2022 after DURIAN and KANDARIVAS got close and hit it off with each other as they were both fans of each other's bands.

01. DURIAN - Inevitable
02. DURIAN - Fleeced
03. DURIAN - Lie Still
04. DURIAN - Quiet
05. DURIAN - Huck
06. KANDARIVAS - GSA (Grind Surgical Attitude)
07. KANDARIVAS - Eat, Sleep, Grind... Durian!
08. KANDARIVAS - Bakayaro
10. KANDARIVAS - Sabotage

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