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Engagements + Mt.Oriander - "Post Marked Stamps #7"(split CD)

Engagements + Mt.Oriander - "Post Marked Stamps #7"(split CD)

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I'm starting to think this is a seriously nostalgic series.
E!E!'s solo project has a nostalgic emo feel, and Engegements has a 90's-00's Japanese emo feel. Perhaps the genre no longer needs new elements. It will continue to live on as music that protects the "place to come back to.

1.Mt.Oriander - you didn't want
2.Engagements - 36
3.Mt.Oriander - fear of missing owl fina
4.Engagements - 霧海(mukai)
5.Mt.Oriander - for me to count,you have to count too
6.Engagements - paths

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