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Intense sound, heavy sound, hard sound, my first impression about FIXED's first album "Dear" released at the end of 2010s was that the straightness of the sound took my ears, but by the time I listened to "NUM" completed in 2023, I no longer feel the straightness as I did then. But by the time I listened to "NUM" completed in 2023, I no longer felt the same straightness as I did then. Has the band changed, have I changed, or has the surrounding environment such as life and society that shapes my senses changed? Well, I'm going into this with the feeling that it's probably all of them. Anyway, it's great.

It was the time when I happened to get Z's "New Day Today" from a used CD and listened to it again, and the sense that is the core of the fish head sound that is still going forward as before, the guitar sound that is not a ridiculously hard, bass-heavy metallic sound but is filled with emotion, is still being updated, and this I feel once again that there are very few guitarists who embody the feeling that "the sound alone is the message" and that he stands out from the crowd. The band as a whole has also updated the depth and heaviness of the mid-part of the songs in both performance and sound, and the overall impression is quite different from the first album. They are all so determined, including Mr. Kakinuma's pounding vocals, that it makes you think, "I can't keep up with them. For example, even if I spent the same amount of time and money trying to catch up with them now, my life would be over by the time I could catch up with them. This is not the time to hesitate whether or not to pay 2,000 yen for a sound produced by people who have reached such an extreme level. Put the goal in your cart and ORDER...gather up what little madness you still have left in you and face this sound. 2023 Must.

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