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Gensenkan - "skramz 2022" (CDR)

Gensenkan - "skramz 2022" (CDR)

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This album is an EP with 5 songs, and although it may not be a conceptual work, there are definitely things that can be read from the title and the themes and flow behind each song. The artist believes in the power of poetry as much as he does in sound, and I am glad to see that in this album as well. This is far more trustworthy than a band that releases a single piece of work in a cheap, thin paper jacket. What exactly is poetry? If you are going to prove it, this is the kind of album that will convince you that you have to have it in this format. Poetry is a song of words that expresses subtle nuances, sequences of sounds, and evocative landscapes. Gensenkan's poetry, sound, artwork, and artwork all express what skramz should sound like in the year 2022. We are inevitably reminded that Gensenkan is expressing this in all of his works, including poetry, sound, and artwork.

1. 出エジプト 01:09
2. City 01:59
3. Overpass 00:58
4. Tomorrow 02:03
5. Song 1 01:01

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