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Haru Nemuri - Lovetheism (CD)

Haru Nemuri - Lovetheism (CD)

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The question is whether it is possible to transmit world-class J-POP while deviating from the axis of evaluation of J-POP, which is currently accepted only in Japan.

I honestly don't know if I am correctly perceiving the global expectations for this album, which is being released amidst high expectations after the overwhelmingly high reputation of the previous album "Haru to Shura" in the US/EU in 2018, as I am in Japan. The electronica sound mixed with noise rock has a blessed tone in contrast to the dark and heavy drum beats that are distorted, and the question is whether they can deliver world-class J-POP while deviating from the J-POP evaluation axis that is currently only accepted within Japan. Perhaps. If one were to ask me if the themes, sounds, lyrics, and political nature of the artwork are "hardcore," I would say that they are not. But at the same time, I think it is more ambitious as an attempt than the hardcore bands that are converging with conservative values these days. In a world that is becoming increasingly confusing, love is just as important as justice, and it is important to know how to output that.
As the band mentions in their interview as one of their favorite artists, you can also see their music as a mix of poetry and emo-rap with post-hardcore elements.

tracklist: 1.
Fanfare 03:43
Trust Nothing But Love 04:20
Pink Unicorn 04:02
Lovetheism 02:46
Be Your Ocean 03:54
Riot 03:52
Apple Song 02:45

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