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I Love Your Lifestyle - "The Movie"(LP)

I Love Your Lifestyle - "The Movie"(LP)

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It may sound like a US emo revival, but they are a Scandinavian Swedish band that also includes members of Trachimbrod, but their sound is not a passionate one, but a collection of straight EMO songs, and their past works also include a lot of relaxed artwork, which makes their works more relaxing and enjoyable. The past works also have a lot of relaxed artwork, so you can enjoy them with a relaxed mind. Despite their relaxed attitude, they are prolific.

Since 2014, they have released a new album every year, and each song has a strong motif, and each song has its own merit. Of course, since this is "straight EMO," there is nothing innovative about it, and they are playing the high road. sound. It is a soundtrack of life that reflects their way of life and their values.

1. Imagination Station 01:52
2. Adrenaline Rush To Kill My Crush 03:48
3. Indoors 02:57
4. Dreamy Dreams 03:37
5. The Movie 04:43
6. 23 04:17
7. Pity Laughs 03:03
8. The Party 04:06
9. You Never Minced Your Words 02:50
10. Perfect Life 03:41
11. Ett Avsnitt 05:17

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