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KANDARIVAS - "Blood Surgical Death" (CD)

KANDARIVAS - "Blood Surgical Death" (CD)

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Formed in Kanda, downtown Tokyo, this experimental tribal grindcore band incorporates Japanese drums. The band leader, Tomoki, is a surgeon by profession, and this concept album was created by him as a result of the Corona Disaster, and the sense of crisis he felt in the medical field, the body bags sent to the hospital, and the fear of infection.

The album jacket depicts the process of his own blood being drained and slowly clotting and cracking, a metaphor for the anxiety and fear that engulfed society after the Corona disaster and its collapse. The album ends with a song titled "Corpse Bag. The album ends with a song titled "Corpse Bag." The result is an album filled with a sense of tension that is different from KANDARIVAS' previous recordings. Also, drummer Onobone left the band at the end of this recording session. This is an important album that marks a turning point not only for the music, but also for the band.
13 songs in 2021.

1. 暴露 - bakuro 02:31
2. 加速する病勢 - kasoku suru byosei 00:23
3. ナノの増殖ミクロの繁殖 - nano no zoshoku micro no hanshoku 00:39
4. 滲み出て滴る - shimidete shitataru 00:26
5. 生と死の臭い - sei to shi no nioi 00:19
6. ぐちゃぐちゃの唄 - gucha gucha no uta 00:37
7. 骨髄脆弱 - kotsuzui zeijyaku 00:23
8. 骨破壊浸潤(顔を出す癌腫) - kotsuhakai shinjun (kao dasu ganshu) 02:13
9. 断端瘻-dantanro 02:06
10. 僕の血痕 - boku no kekkon 01:16
11. 薄れゆく記憶と脳の溝 - usureyuku kioku to no no mizo 00:42
12. 静まる生命-shizumaru seimei 02:46
13. 死体袋-shitai bukuro 03:34

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