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KANDARIVAS - "Grind Surgical Shrine" (CD)

KANDARIVAS - "Grind Surgical Shrine" (CD)

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KANDARIVAS, released on November 11, 2019, sold out 1,000 copies of their 9-track mini-album "Grind Surgical Shrine" in the first six months after its release. Due to the popularity of the album, a second pressing with a different jacket is now available.
KANDARIVAS is a grindcore band formed by Tomoki, a native of Kanda, Tokyo.
The band's unique sound is a blend of Japanese and Western styles, with an experimental and original double-drum beat that incorporates Japanese drums, and a bass-less but heavy sound with hard guitar riffs that sometimes have an industrial touch. KANDARIVAS has been performing live frequently since its formation, and has also had close ties with DEADSQUAD in Indonesia, and has performed many live shows in Indonesia. The album was recorded and mixed by Void)))) lab, mastered by Studio ChosK, and artwork by Bvllmetal, who also worked on TERRORIZER, NOCTURNUS, and Dead Cells. The result is a work that fuses the structure of Western-style grindcore with Japanese culture and sensibilities, and shows the potential for a new type of grindcore.

1. Hajimari Hajimari 00:41
2. Kocho 01:03
3. Dissemination 01:14
4. Fuminijire 02:52
5. G.S.A(Grind Surgical Attitude) 00:15
6. Neck Up 02:16
7. Hakikudashi 02:07
8. Kobudo 01:17
9. Sabotage 02:18

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