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killie - "Retrial Of The Criminal Begins" (2xLP)

killie - "Retrial Of The Criminal Begins" (2xLP)

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After the release of the compilation CD, which made the Oricon charts, Dog Knights Productions is now releasing a 2-CD analog set! The tracks are basically the same, but there is a bonus track that is ironic and wonderful. They are a label that puts a lot of thought into their colors and are very meticulous about their work. The jackets, photo books, and interiors are also different in content from CDs and limited release photo books in Japan.

Battle Against Body Fat
Retrial Of The Criminal Begins
Abandoned Corpse With Graffiti
Thinking About Preconceptions
Devil's Genealogy
Digging Up The Soil From Sexual Desires
The Resurrection
9. June/Giugno
+ Bonus Tracks

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