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KYHL - "Nach Strich und Faden" (LP)

KYHL - "Nach Strich und Faden" (LP)

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If you haven't heard German Jazzy Screamo, KYHL, you should.

The band itself has been a player for at least 10 years, since they released their first record in 2013, and this album was co-released in 2023 by several labels, including Shove Records and Time As A Color.

Twin male and female vocals, cutting guitars, and a muscular, slender sound are exactly the concept of skramz that has been long awaited... It's not the same, but that's why it's good. I feel that this kind of sound is considerably enhanced when it is accompanied by a kind of depth that comes from a long period of expression, and their sound has that depth, and the whole album is worth listening to. It is different from the atmosphere of Off Minor, but this deadness is good.

1. .... 02:10
2. Phrasenpflaster 02:15
3. Kontakt 01:04
4. Blühen und Welken 07:26
5. Schönheit 02:08
6. Städte und Salz 02:08
7. Mantra 02:13
8. Kratzer 02:38

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