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lang - "Shirabe" (CD)

lang - "Shirabe" (CD)

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The currently out-of-print lang's first album, "Searches," will be released by 3LA on November 29, 2019. This album was released in 2014 in a limited run of 300 copies, and due to a combination of factors, including insufficient distribution, it is currently out of print and out of reach of many people. However, we felt that it would be a shame to let it go out of print, but that is not the only reason why we wanted to reissue it.
The band lang is evolving dramatically right now. The poetry, the sound, and the live show are getting better and better. Especially in 2019, when I was with The Tidal Sleep on their Japan Tour, I was very close to the heat they were radiating, and I strongly felt that they are challenging themselves now, that they are going through something, and that they are willing to go through it. It may sound a little embarrassing, but in this society where peer pressure, stagnation, and resignation are so prevalent, I find "future" and "hope" in the positive attitude of these people who are still willing to take on challenges. That is the value of music and art. I want to support that will.
This is not a reissue of the first album, neither is it something that looks only to the past, nor is it something that is only for this one time, but a release to see what the future holds together. This is the first page of the band's history, a rough but fading mix of intense hardcore and contemporary poetry, not only for those who know lang now, but also for those who will know them in the future. And to leave its existence as a work of art, including the jacket, artwork and lyrics. It is a work that people will feel is worth it if they stop and pick it up and listen to it, rather than just passing it by streaming. People who encounter lang's music from now on will surely go back to this first album. I believe that another encounter awaits them there, and that something else will be born from that encounter.

1. missed train
2. otonashi kawa
3. choose your words
4. blade
5. handle
6. everlasting light
7. so it is
8. phantom incense
9. examination


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