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Loma Prieta - "Last" (LP: Baby Blue)

Loma Prieta - "Last" (LP: Baby Blue)

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The latest album from 2023 comes in Baby Blue and comes in a PVC sleeve with the title printed on it.

Loma Prieta started their career in 2005, and although they have released many albums and visited Japan several times as Screamo from the West Coast of the U.S., they have gradually evolved their musical style from the emo-violence style of their early days. Although they have gradually evolved their musical style from the emo-violence of their early days, I had an image that they did not match the reputation of the times (that is, their reputation never exploded), but this album is really good. It is the best sound ever, perfectly suited to this era.

The band's new sound and songs are more melodic and more chord work oriented than riffs, as well as elements of emo-violence, and the band is showing a new look and sound. The new band is showing a new look in terms of both music and sound. The craftsmanship of controlling the exquisite strangeness of classical sound use, ambient, and reverb echoes, while maintaining the original RAW nature of the music. The tones, which are both nostalgic emo and pop, are full of strong vitality. The syncopated minor chords and the driving development of the music also have a ROSIER flavor, and it fits well with the tension of the sound.

Is it a coincidence that "Last" is released in 2023, 15 years after "Last City" in 2008?
A bleached black and white world = the present day.
Love, money, work, life, death... Life, meaningless.
In a sense, this work may also be an intense hardcore worldview, or in other words, a Sekai-kei style.

1. Sequitur 00:41
2. NSAIDs 02:43
3. Sunlight 01:29
4. Dose 02:44
5. Fire in Black & White 03:08
6. One-Off (Part 2) 02:09
7. Circular Saw 02:20
8. Symbios 05:28
9. Dreamlessnessless 03:09
10. Glare 05:40
11. LLC 04:15

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