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Marietta - "Compilation"(LP: Clear/Black)

Marietta - "Compilation"(LP: Clear/Black)

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Edited vinyl soundtrack that will make you spit out EMOs in the name of weakness.

Marietta's edit vinyl LP, which was released after the albums "Summer Death" and "As It Were", is in stock in a Dog Knights Exclusive edition of 250 copies.

Included on this LP is a split with Modern Baseball, tracks from the "Cuts" EP, and five demo tracks that were made in 2012.

To be honest, the songs and sound quality are not as consistent as on the album, but I was surprised at how high quality the demos are, and the beauty of the songs stands out even in acoustic form, which makes me think that the quality of the recordings may not be an essential element of the music, or something like that. I was surprised at the high quality of this demo soundtrack, and the beauty of the music, even acoustic, was outstanding.

1. Yeah Yeah Utah 02:51
2. Green Call Her Sims 03:45
3. Song 1 (Demo) 03:49
4. Song 2 (Demo) 03:57
5. Song 3 (Demo) 04:13
6. Song 4 (Demo) 04:28
7. Song 5 (Demo) 04:32
8. You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt (Acoustic) 02:46
9. God Bless Eric Taylor (Acoustic) 03:54
10. O.K., Mom 03:46
11. Waking Up Never Felt So Dizzy 02:59
12. Old Joe 03:11

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