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MEIAN - "Toozakaru" (CD)

MEIAN - "Toozakaru" (CD)

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MEIAN, the Northern Fury, releases 4-song EP in 2023.

MEIAN, who had previously released an EP and had the support of maniac listeners of Screamo, released their first release in a long time on Northern Sadness Productions at the same time as cold winter.
In the 2020s, the number of bands that pursue the royal road of passionate style (Skramz/Screamo) has decreased to the point of almost non-existence, but MEIAN, which I have not heard in a long time, has been able to create a new style of music that is both a frontal and a backward expression of the European style from the zero's and a Japanese (rather than northern) style that was developed in their own unique way. The sound is full of Japanese (or is it northern?) sadness, and the music is very much like the music of the late 80's and early 90's. The French flavors of Daitro and Sed Non Satiata are modified with a Japanese soy sauce base... or maybe not. Maybe not. With so many domestic releases coming out in 2023, these northern dwellers are definitely not to be missed.
1. distance 00:34
2. Toozakaru 03:30
3.Velocity I 04:09
4. everyday life 04:07 

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