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Meitei - "Kofu II" (CD)

Meitei - "Kofu II" (CD)

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Hiroshima-based electronic ambient artist (or producer) Mei Ding, released in 2022. Released from KITCHEN. LABEL in Singapore. This one is a sequel to the album "Kofu" which was released in 2020 and was much talked about.

After producing "Kofu" (2020), which was an experimental depiction of Japanese culture under the theme of "LOST JAPANESE MOOD," there were actually a number of highly finished tracks left over that were not used. In essence, this work, "Kofu II" is a sequel to that work." The obi, which reads "Ancient Aesthetics or Satire," is very impressive.

In the Edo period (1603-1867), the Tokaido Highway connected Nihonbashi, Tokyo, to Kyoto, with as many as 53 stops along the way. The sound of chirping bell bugs and the illumination of nighttime lamps make me wonder if people in the Edo period traveled on foot. Yoshiwara" and "Shurayukihime," with their beautifully mellow and smooth piano sounds, unintentionally generate emotional feelings. The song "Hanakai", which was also included in the previous album, is again depicted as a respect for the working class women who did not have freedom at that time.

The nostalgic ambient sound, sampled musical accompaniment, and groovy bass line are a good blend. The overall sound is filled with noises, like dusty old books that have deteriorated over time, which makes the listener think back to a bygone era.

We live in Japan, but we don't know much about Japan at all, don't we? I think, "I don't know much about Japan at all," and that is true for me, too. It's the same for me, but I think it's good to listen to music about Japanese culture like this Pluto, or just read or look up descriptions of nearby shrines, temples, and other places." It may not be possible to completely recreate or recapture the "LOST JAPANESE MOOD", but it is worthwhile to touch it first.

This is a CD. Special packaging and 16-page insert will be included.

4.Kaworu / Kaworu
7.Shurayuki hime
11.Akira Kurosawa

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