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Men As Trees - "Weltschmerz & Sea of Ice Songs" (2xLP)

Men As Trees - "Weltschmerz & Sea of Ice Songs" (2xLP)

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Men As Trees, formed in 2003 in Michigan, US, releases a 2-CD compilation.

The time has come to re-evaluate their work, which mixes beautiful post-rock with chaotic and intense sounds.

Weltschmerz” has never been released on vinyl, so this is the first time it has been released on analog, and ‘discovery’ from ‘Men As Trees / Dying In Motion / Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort / Dolcim,’ a classic 4-way split in the world of passion, is also included. It is also hot for me personally that “discovery” is included in the album. This was the only way to hear this band at the time. Will the maniacal 2000's passion really be understood if it is presented in the present age without a complementary context? The answer is probably no. The traces of the trials and errors of those days were what mattered. It was not about comprehensibility, and listeners knew that.

This beautiful but incomprehensible passion wears the air of that time. Go ahead. You are not wrong.

1. germinal 13:24
2. good luck to you 01:56
3. late words of a reasoning man 09:58
4. if there was any wisdom left they would send it back up the mountain 04:34
5. dead on the bank 01:43
6. swa cwaeth eardstapa 13:53
7. wreckage 03:46
8. discovery 11:53

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