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Orchid - "Chaos Is Me" (LP)

Orchid - "Chaos Is Me" (LP)

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Orchid's masterpiece, pressed in numerous colors since 1999, is in stock, but arrived in 2024 and is being re-pressed for the first time in several years.

You can listen to it on CD or analog, but for the strict Ebullition believers, we dare to bring it in analog. Let's reaffirm once again that "intense hardcore" is not just a musical genre, but emo-violence, a statement of intent and ideology to be alternative.
The appearance of "Chaos Is Me" seems to have had a huge impact on the scene over there. Their catchphrase "Chaos Is Me" - an impressive declaration that "chaos is me" - became their catchphrase, but it was the kids who continued to wear "Chaos Is Me" T-shirts for years after its release, and the fact that they themselves were fed up with the current state of the scene where the same story is told over and over again, that led to the release of "Chaos Ain't Me" on their next album, "Gatefold. This led to the song "Chaos Ain't Me" on their next album, "Gatefold".

A1. Le Desordre, C'est Moi
A2. Aesthetic Dialectic
A3. In G And E
A4. New Jersey Vs. Valhalla
A5. Weekend At The Fire Academy
A6. Framecode
B1. The Action Index
B2. Death Of A Modernist
B3. Boy With No Arms
B4. Invasion U.S.A.
B5. Epilogue Of A Carcrash

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