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SWARRRM - "Kogase" (CD)

SWARRRM - "Kogase" (CD)

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release date: 2023-8-25

SWARRRRM's 7th album "Kogase", which opens up new horizons in 2023, is now complete! SWARRRRM has been constantly renewing itself and presenting new values, and two years after their last album "i dreamed...", they have already completed "Kogase", an album that pushes the band into new territories based on their Chaos & Grind philosophy.

1. 香り
2. 叫びながら
3. 向こうへ
4. 超えて
5. わかってるはずさ
6. 罪と罰
7. 棘
8. 蜉蝣
9. 青い花
10. カケラ

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