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PSP Social - "Uchu Kara Kita Hito" (CD)

PSP Social - "Uchu Kara Kita Hito" (CD)

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Tokyo alternative rock, PSP Social's 2023 release album.
The previous album, influenced by DIY recording and Yoshiyuki Tomino's philosophy, had a rough and rugged J-ROCK style that remained young and green, but this album is very different from the previous album.
The main reason is that it is not a DIY recording, but the sound has changed drastically, and the impression is different to the point where it is almost as if the band is different. The sound has changed so much that it is almost like a different band, and just because you liked the last album doesn't mean you will like this one, and vice versa.
And naturally, I would not recommend this album to listeners who want to listen to meaningless gundam rock.
In terms of music and performance, the band has something in common with Taika and kumagusu, and the fact that the album is composed of five songs and is 46 minutes long may be a change for the band.
Rather, there is a sense that the key word "psychedelic," which was also present in the band's early days, has been perfected through sound production and the band's growth.
A cover of Nikkatsu's only monster movie "Daikyoju Gappa" is included as a bonus track. ....

1. 枯葉の街
2. 素面
3. 流れる
4. ビジターフロムアウタースペース
5. 行く人
6. 大巨獣ガッパ(ボーナストラック)

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