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quiqui - "Calendar" (CD)

quiqui - "Calendar" (CD)

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Quiqui started in 2013 in Hashima, Gifu Japan, and after two EPs, in 2018 they performed at Taipei's DIY indie music festival, and released an edited CD "Machi no Suzunari" which includes newly written songs.

The songs were like sketches of rural landscapes that are disappearing from Japan, or minimal music with an experimental spirit in the lineage of UK indie rock. However, their first album "Calendar" released in 2021, co-released by 3LA -LongLegsLongArms Records- (JP) and Dog Knights Productions (UK), changed all that. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio Nostos, the sound production might just push the standard of EMO to new heights.

The depth and profundity of the sound, which expresses the band's evolving musicality to the fullest, and even the blank spaces of silence therein, come vividly back to life. Now the band is about to enter a new realm with the confidence of a newly acquired sound that will become their signature.

1. あかなくに / Akanakuni
2. skramz jazz
3. exp
4. * (Cover – La Quiete)
5. mckc
6. Remind
7. D
8. Dummy
9. ssss
10. Progressive
11. Reflection
12. 時間 / Past
13. もう少しの暦 / Calendar
14. 部屋に戻る / Go Back To The Room

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