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quiqui - "Stanco della societa"(CD)

quiqui - "Stanco della societa"(CD)

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Gifu's young mash-rock + rage quiqui's 2018 sound source, a 6-song EP has arrived!

The band's sound is technical mass rock with a nerdy balance of 90's US and 00's Japanese influences, and a La Quiete feel from the song titles and artwork. The song titles and artwork have a La Quiete feel to them... I interviewed the band because I felt something was missing in their music, even though it is a combination of elements that could be easily found, but they seemed to absorb such elements naturally and transform them into their output. Personally, I am not familiar with the mash-rock side of the band, but they have a good mix of rough and tidy parts, which makes for interesting listening. Nengu and sans visage seem to be from the same generation. It's a must listen, and the diversity of the 6 songs is very appealing.

2.Stanco della società pt.1
3.Letter Song
5.Stanco della società pt.2
6.Undefined Reference


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